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Searching for movies with: Rutger Hauer
Goal II - Living the Dream (2007) (DVDRip)
When Newcastle United soccer star Santiago Munez is offered a spot with Real Madrid, he accepts, but the move - accompanied by big money and fame - te
Batman Begins (2005) (BluRay)
When his parents were killed, millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne relocates to Asia when he is mentored by Henri Ducard and Ra's Al Ghul in how to fight
Blade Runner (1982) (BluRay)
In a cyberpunk vision of the future, man has developed the technology to create replicants, human clones used to serve in the colonies outside Earth
Sin City (2005) (BluRay)
Four tales of crime adapted from Frank Miller's popular comics, focusing around a muscular brute who's looking for the person responsible for the dea
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992) (BluRay)
Buffy Summers has the lifestyle any young woman could want. Cheerleading, dating the captain of the basketball team, and copious amounts of time spen
Blind Fury (1989) (BluRay)
A blind Vietnam vet, trained as a swordfighter, comes to America and helps to rescue the son of a fellow soldier.
Wanted Dead or Alive (1987) (BluRay)
This movie features a character who is a descendant of the character played by Steve McQueen in the television series of the same name. And like McQue
The Reverend (2012) (BluRay)
A Reverend begins his first day at his new parish only to be bitten by a vampire. His faith is soon tested when his thirst for blood and an encounter
Nighthawks (1981) (BDRip)
Conservative street cop DaSilva reluctantly agrees to terminate an international terrorist who has demanded media attention. But DaSilva's "at-ho
Dead Tone - 7eventy 5ive (2007) (BluRay)
Finals at the prestigious University of Dreyskill are finally over and it's time to party. "The Crew", as they are known by their peers and
The Mill and the Cross (2011) (BluRay)
The film focuses on a dozen of the 500 characters depicted in Bruegel's painting. The theme of Christ's suffering is set against religious persecution
Hobo with a Shotgun (2011) (BluRay)
A homeless vigilante blows away crooked cops, pedophile Santas, and other scumbags with his trusty pump-action shotgun.
Split Second 1992 (1992) (BluRay)
In a futuristic London, the rising sea levels mean that large areas are under feet of water. Hauer plays a cop who previously lost his partner to some
Eureka 1983 (1983) (BluRay)
In 1925, Arctic prospector Jack McCann becomes a rich man when he strikes gold but 20 years later he faces major personal and family problems.
24 Hours to Live (2017) (BluRay)
An assassin seeks redemption after being given a second chance at life.
Black Butterflies 2011 (2011) (BluRay)
In apartheid-torn South Africa, poet Ingrid Jonker struggles tragically in search of love and a sense of home.
Corbin Nash 2018 (2018) (BluRay)
A rogue police detective in search of his parents killer is murdered and reborn the ultimate killer.
A Breed Apart (1984) (BluRay)
Jim Malden, a Vietnam veteran who has lost wife and child, lives as a recluse on an island full of rare birds. His only contacts with humanity are wit
Samson (2018) (BluRay)
A Hebrew with an unusual gift of strength must respond properly to the call of God on his life in order to lead his people out of enslavement. After h
Mr Stitch (1996) (DVDRip)
Doctor Rue Wakeman and his équipe create a young man with skin and organs taken from other men and women. The creature (Lazarus) reads a lot of
The Broken Key (2017) (BRRip)
In a near future, due to the effects of an uncompromising law on the eco-sustainability of supports, paper has become a rare item, a luxury possession
The Legend of the Holy Drinker (1988) (BluRay)
An alcoholic man wants to return the money he has borrowed.
The Hitcher 1986 (1986) (BluRay)
A young man transporting a car to another state is stalked along the road by a cunning and relentless serial killer who eventually frames the driver f
New World Disorder (1999) (DVDRip)
A gang of four eyed crooks led by Kurt Bishop (McCarthy) are ripping off top dollar computer chips from a list of factories. The night they hit Dynaph
Omega Doom (1996) (DVDRip)
After earth is taken over by an army of robots, the small number of humans left are forced into hiding. In the nuclear winter, only droids walk the fa
Escape from Sobibor (1987) (BluRay)
During WWII, the death camp at Treblinka had an escape, causing the Commandant at a similar camp in Sobibor to vow that his camp would never experienc
Surviving the Game (1994) (DVDRip)
Mason, who lives on the streets, wants to cease his life when on the same day his two best friends die: His dog and an older man with whom he shared h
The Sonata (2020) (BluRay)
A young violinist unravels her long lost father's past, triggering dark forces that reach beyond her imagination.
The Sonata [Hindi] (2018) (HDRip)
A young violinist unravels her long lost father's past, triggering dark forces that reach beyond her imagination.
Osterman Weekend (1983) (BluRay)
In this adaptation of the Robert Ludlum novel, the host of an investigative news program has been convinced by the C.I.A. that the friends and associa
Break 2020 (2020) (WEB-DL)
Spencer Pryde (Sam Gittins), a gifted snooker player is wasting his talents, choosing instead to indulge in petty crime with his mates, but when thing
Blast (1997) (BluRay)
Terrorists attempt to disrupt the Atlanta Olympics by kidnapping the U.S. women's swim team. If their demands are not met, the team will be executed.
Split Second [Hindi] (1992) (BluRay)
The year is 2008. Global warming has melted much of the polar ice caps, resulting in serious flooding around the world - including the city of London,
24 Hours to Live [Hindi] (2017) (BluRay)
Making a rare foray into rock 'em, sock 'em action territory, Hawke plays C.I.A. Agent Travis Conrad, who sacrifices everything for his employers, inc
The Salute of the Jugger (1989) (BluRay)
A post-apocalyptic world provides the backdrop for a brutal, futuristic game resembling football. Rutger Hauer plays a disgraced former star leading a
Dracula III Legacy [Hindi] (2005) (BluRay)
Father Uffizi (Jason Scott Lee) and Luke (Jason London) travels through a Romania destroyed by the civil war and the vampires. Luke is trying to save
Barbarossa (2009) (BluRay)
German Emperor Barbarossa will stop at nothing to conquer and build his empire. But a young man from Milan, along with his army of 900 men known as th
Ladyhawke (1985) (BluRay)
The thief Gaston escapes the dungeon of medieval Aquila through the latrine. Soldiers are about to kill him when Navarre saves him. Navarre, traveling
Flesh+Blood (1985) (BluRay)
In medieval Europe, a young girl from a noble family is obsessed with her captors - commoners.
Moving McAllister (2007) (BluRay)
Law intern Rick aims for the top. He tells his boss he'll do anything - incl. drive the cute wild niece Miami to LA. Back well prepared for bar exam 3
Flying Virus [Killer Buzz] (2001) (DVDRip)
A journalist uncovers a government conspiracy to unleash virus-carrying killer bees that could wipe out humanity.
Wedlock (1991) (BluRay)
A male prison escapee heads for his hidden loot electronically attached to a female prisoner.
Mysteries (1978) (BluRay)
A wealthy visitor to a small town befriends a midget and gets involved with two women as his behaviour becoming ever stranger.

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