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FzMovies - Searching for Richard Benjamin movies
Searching for movies with: Richard Benjamin
The Sunshine Boys (1975) (BluRay)
A vaudeville duo agree to reunite for a TV special, but it turns out that they can't stand each other.

The Last of Sheila 1973 (1973) (BluRay)
A year after Sheila is killed in a hit-and-run, her multi-millionaire husband invites a group of friends to spend a week on his yacht playing a scaven

Westworld 1973 (1973) (BluRay)
In 1983, a robot malfunction creates havoc and terror for unsuspecting vacationers at a futuristic, adult-themed amusement park.

Scavenger Hunt 1979 (1979) (BluRay)
To inherit a fortune, various addressees of a will must compete in a wild scavenger hunt to collect selected items, but cannot be simply bought.

Catch 22 1970 (1970) (WEB-DL)
A man is trying desperately to be certified insane during World War II, so he can stop flying missions.

Goodbye Columbus (1969) (DVDRip)
A Jewish man and a Jewish woman meet and while attracted to each other, find that their worlds are very different. She is the archtypical Jewish Ameri

House Calls (1978) (DVDRip)
Charley is a surgeon who's recently lost his wife. He embarks on a tragicomic romantic quest with one woman after another until he meets up with Ann,

Saturday the 14th (1981) (BluRay)
Primarily a spoof of the Friday the 13th series, but also takes shots at several other horror films. After his family moves to a new house, a young bo

How to Beat the High Cost of Living (1980) (BluRay)
Oregon, 1980: Jane, Elaine and Louise are all feeling the effects of inflation and cannot afford, as the title states, the high cost of living. Jane c

Love at First Bite (1979) (BluRay)
This vampire spoof has Count Dracula moving to New York to find his Bride, after being forced to move out of his Transylvanian castle. There with the

Diary of a Mad Housewife (1970) (BluRay)
A housewife with an abusive husband has an affair with a writer.

Marci X (2003) (WEBRip)
A Jewish-American Princess is forced to take control of a hard-core hip-hop record label and tries to rein the one of the label's most controversial r

The Last Married Couple in America (1980) (BluRay)
Mari and Jeff Thompson start to doubt their own marriage when every couple they know separate.