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FzMovies - Searching for Felicia Farr movies
Searching for movies with: Felicia Farr
Charley Varrick (1973) (BluRay)
A man, his wife, and their friend, stage a bloody bank robbery, unaware they are stealing money from the Mob.

The Last Wagon 1956 (1956) (BluRay)
Wagon train survivors of an Apache attack entrust the sheriff's prisoner, scout Comanche Todd, with their lives despite his wanted-for-murder status.

Jubal (1956) (BluRay)
Found injured by rancher Shep Horgan, Jubal Troop is offered a job as cowhand and soon gains Shep's trust. Mae Horgan, feeling she's been trapped into

Onionhead (1958) (DVDRip)
After his girlfriend Jo refuses to make a commitment to their relationship, Al Woods decides to enlist and finds himself in the US Coast Guard. He mak

Reprisal 1956 (1956) (DVDRip)
New ranch owner Frank Madden, half Indian but posing as white, arrives just as an all white jury finds the three white Shipley brothers who lynched th

Kotch (1971) (BluRay)
Wanting to avoid settling in a nursing home, Joseph Kotcher, a retired salesman, is obliged to leave his son's family. He embarks on a road trip durin

Hell Bent for Leather (1960) (BluRay)
Mistaken for a murderous outlaw, an innocent passerby is forced to go on the run to try and clear his name by catching the real culprit.

Not One Shall Die (1957) (BluRay)
A young doctor, who loses his wife during their attempt to flee Europe, arrives at a JDC Refugee Camp where he meets a Jewish couple from Egypt. They